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Download PDF Instead of Loading into the browser

Friday, April 6th, 2007
Download PDF I’ll bet a cookie you’ve seen those instructions on downloading PDF (ebooks) like “Please click this link with the right mouse-button, then select the “Save Target As…” option from the popup menu and save the file in your PC”.
 But why to force your customers to make extra actions if you exactly want they download your PDF?!
Also what to do with all those links inside email messages?..
I would like to set up a download page on my domain in order to give away a free ebook on generating traffic.
I want to use a link to allow users to DOWNLOAD PDF files. But when I set it up the PDF file gets directly loaded into the browser. Is there something I can do to ensure that when people click on the link on a page or in an E-mail message that the PDF file gets immediately downloaded to their disk and not loaded in their browser?

This article describes 2 ways to let them download PDFs by just clicking a link.

How to Split your targeted traffic from different sources

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

split your trafficTypically, online marketers have utilized standard “Split tests” to try and improve marketing and merchandising approaches. A split test allows a marketer to split traffic across different versions of a web page in an effort to identify topper-forming marketing variables.

During these testing scenarios marketers try to identify promotions that significantly outperform others, while testing titles and headers for the highest level of customer engagement.

Unfortunately these testing method doesn’t consider where are the people going from.

Customers from different sources could have different purposes and behavior. So it would be better to send web-surfers from Google, Yahoo, MSN to one test pages and marketes from WarriorForum, “How To Corp” forum to another test pages.


Custom Error Pages for Different Addon Domains

Sunday, October 1st, 2006

I’d like software or a script that lets me use different custom error pages for different addon domains. In Cpanel at the moment you can only use the same custom error page for all addon domains and the main domain they are under. I don’t even know if what i ask is possible but I thought I’d post it anyway :-)


Many things are possible when you know what do you want ;-)

Let’s consider various domains you may have at the same hosting in addition to your main domain (site).

A Parked Domain is pointed to the same folder as your main domain and shares the files / pages of your main site.

An Addon Domain is similar to Parked Domains. But it is pointed to a sub-folder of your main domain (site), and can have it’s own settings. However you can’t create error pages for Addon Domains through your Control panel, you can do it by hand.

A Subdomain doesn’t have an independent domain name. It’s a composite domain name which is pointed to a sub-folder of your main domain (site).


HTML to PHP Template

Saturday, July 15th, 2006

I have a folder with several hundred articles.
I would like to re-create them to PHP pages
adding a header and a footer. (PHP Template)


I have a great news!
You can do this without editing any of this hundred files.
Lets create a PHP-script to do this for you.