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Bogo-Pogo AntiSPAM game

Monday, May 5th, 2008

After a month I’ve been trying to contact one of my correspondent I get an autoreply saying: “Thank You for contacting me, but due to the increasing amount of spam I started to receive at this e-mail address, I decided to close it.”

Guess many people suffer of spam as they send all this excuses: “Hello, This email address is not monitored.”;
“Hello, You have contacted an email that is no longer checked.”;
“Due to a large amount of spam I no longer have time to wade through all of the email I receive to get to the legitimate messages. So if you have a need to contact me please do so at my helpdesk at…”.
 Others use various services like so you need to fill in a form with CAPTCHA to prove you’re not a spam-bot.