Exit Popup is now allowed in the Pop-In-Builder

You may have used the Pop-In-Builder online application to create unblockable popups for free. Popular Exit Popup feature is now available.


Select the “on page Exit” option ( 1 ) to get a Popup window appearing when they want to exit your page and slide the mouse up to the browser address bar.

When you select the “on page Load” option ( 1 ) Popup window would appear after your page is loaded. You can setup a delay in microseconds ( 2 ) before the window is shown. ( 1 second = 1000 microseconds )

The “Show” checkbox with time fields ( 3 ) allow you to setup how often the popup should be shown for each visitor.


by Michel Komarov, © Copyright 2007. iCoder.com


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6 Responses to “Exit Popup is now allowed in the Pop-In-Builder”

  1. scottparat Says:

    Hi Michael

    Looks like another great piece of coding!

    One question…does the Pop-in-Builder provide unblockable popups?

    Is the new coding for the Exit Popup and Unblockable popup by 2007-2008 browsers?

    Thanks again for all your great work and sharing spirit.

    Take care,

    Scott Parat
    Website Graphics…headers, book covers, etc.

  2. michel Says:

    Hi Scott,

    Yes. The Pop-In-Builder generates fly-in popups which are not blocked as they are a part of the page, not a real window.


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  5. peter candlish Says:

    Hi all this looks great but how do i get my hands on it?

  6. michel Says:

    Hi Peter,

    Use the PopIn builder at http://popinbuilder.icoder.com


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