Comprehensive Feedback Form with Attachments

You know that spam harvesters are able to take e-mails from websites if they are just coded in standard HTML. You could encode your email as I’ve described earlier. But a feedback form is the best approach.

The most of feedback forms allow them to enter their name, email and type a message. Sometime you may need to send an attached file (a photo, a screenshot…).

This Feedback-Form script provides you with an option to send an attached file with the form message.


How to install this script

Note. PHP support at your hosting is required.

1) Download the file.

2) Unzip it with subdirectories at your local PC.

3) Open the config.php file ( 1 ) with an ASCII-text editor (i.e. Notepad)

4) Adjust this variables with appropriate values: $site_name ( 6 ) - the name of your site. It would be used inside the form title.
$support_email ( 7 ) - your email address to receive the form messages to.
You also can edit the $support_subject ( 8 ) and $support_message ( 9 ) variables to change the message Subject and Body.

5) Save the changed config.php file and upload all files with subdirectories onto your site.

6) Change the permissions of the tmp folder ( 2 ) to 777. (CHMOD 0777 tmp)

That’s all.

Place a link to feedback.php ( 3 ) on your site’s pages.
<a href="">Feedback</a>

If you’d like you can change the pages templates ( 5 ) with any HTML-editor. The template.form.html file is the template of the form-page. The template.thankyou.html file is the template of the thank-you page which appears after the form submitted.

Anti Form-Spam feature

(was added Jan 27, 2007)

The Anti Form-Spam feature is based on a JavaScript execution inside browsers.
Make sure you uploaded the md5.js ( 4 ) file beside your form-page template and set the $anti_bot variable ( 10 ) value to 1.


by Michel Komarov, © Copyright 2006.


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62 Responses to “Comprehensive Feedback Form with Attachments”

  1. gann_144 Says:

    How can one use this feedback form with your HTML to PHP template system. I tried to incorporate this feedback form into my template system but I cant get it to work…it works fine as a standalone system but not with my template system which is based on your HTML to PHP template system.

  2. michel Says:

    Hi Gann,

    You can use your own web-form with the feedback.php script.
    Create a html-page with your form. Set the action-attribute of your form with the feedback.php script.
    Then include the form-page like you’ve included the footer:
    $FOOTER_FILE = "footer.html";
    $FORM_FILE = "form.html";

    // show the FORM
    // show the Footer

    Web-Form for the feedback.php

    Your form.html file could look like this:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function checkForm(theForm) {
     if ("" == theForm.first_name.value) {
      alert("Please enter your First name");
      return false;
     if ("" == {
      alert("Please enter your Email");;
      return false;
     return true;
    <form action="feedback.php" method="post"
     onSubmit="return checkForm(this);">

     <table width="500" align="center" border="0">
          <td><nobr><b>Your First Name</b></nobr></td>
          <td><input name="first_name" /></td>
          <td><nobr><b>Your Last Name</b></nobr></td>
          <td><input name="last_name" /></td>
          <td><nobr><b>Your Email address</b></nobr></td>
          <td><input name="email" /></td>
        <table width="100%">
         <tr valign="top"><td><b>Comment</b></td>
          <td><textarea name="message" cols="40">
          <td><input type="file" name="file" /></td>
         <tr><td> </td>
          <td><input type="submit"
           value="Send Message" />

    I hope this helps.


  3. hafiz Says:

    thanks michel,

  4. gann_144 Says:

    After using this method, I dont get the thankyou page after sending message.

  5. michel Says:

    Hi Gann,

    Did you uploaded the template.thankyou.html file with the feedback.php script?

    Could you let me the link of your directory?


  6. gann_144 Says:

    Yes, I did upload the template.thankyou.html file. If I use the form example as shown here, I get the form again after sending email. But I also did notice the email was NOT sent.
    Secondly, if I use the feedback.php directly for the form, it shows the code that is at the end of the code in the feedback.php file.
    I could give you the link but I dont want to at this point because my site is not finished and I dont want any visitors to come to my site that might be reading this, until my site is ready. Can I send it privately to you in an email?

  7. gann_144 Says:

    First, I would like to thank you Michel for your help in trying to solve my previous problem. Much appreciated. I have a question concerning the line format of the received feedback email that is created using the feedback script. Where would I specify the line-format of the email that I receive using the feedback form. I want the emails to have a line format of about 65 characters wide…do I have to make a change inside the code of the feedback.php file? Thanks.

  8. michel Says:

    Hi Jimmy,

    I’ve uploaded new version of the Feedback script.
    It allows you to format the message lines to 65 characters wide,
    or whatever another wide.

    You can set the lines-length with the “$wordwrap” config-variable:

    I hope this helps.


    PS. Please check your email-box.
    I’ve sent the modified script to you.

  9. gann_144 Says:

    Thanks Michel. I am learning alot about PHP coding. You make it so simple to understand.

    I have one last question that occured to me today…it concerns security. Does your feedback script contain a security feature that prevents others from using the feedback script installed on my site from another server? Spammers often use feedback forms on other servers to send spam.


  10. michel Says:

    Hi Jimmy,

    Yes! You’re right. I forgot about the forms vulnerability…

    I’ve just added anti-spam security checking to the new version.
    It prevents spam attacks through the first_name, last_name and email fields.

    The new version is uploaded.


    PS. The modified version has been sent to you.

  11. johnmtl Says:

    Hi Michel,

    I really appreciate your code of feedback form that works pretty well. It seems that in the code you used ‘move_uploaded_file’ to uplaod attachment to the website, then attach it with email. Can email grabs attachment directly from user’s hard disk?


  12. michel Says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your question.

    When a user submit a web-form with file-attachments their browser uploads the files onto the server (site). There isn’t any other way. Server can’t access to user’s hard disk.

    The uploaded files are stored in the server temp folder. The script has to move or copy this files from the temp folder to be able to work with them.
    This is why the ‘move_uploded_file’ PHP-function is used.


  13. MarketingJunkie Says:

    I just installed your nifty feedback script…

    … Assuming it’s not hacked by a spammer, it will top my list of the best feedback form I’ve tested (and I’ve tried a bunch).

    I do have a request for you — it would be extremely helpful to add another field to automatically detect the HTTP Referer URI…

    … For example, when someone writes something like:

    I disagree with your opinion on the Iraq war — especially what you said in the second paragraph.

    When this happens, I have to track down the feedback submitter and ask what webpage s/he’s referring to.

    But by including the webpage URL, it saves me this step.

    Even better, if your script could record other user information such as their browser software, IP address, screen size, operating system, and other easy to grab info, that would be helpful for helping troubleshoot problems with visitors to my site.

    For example, if I saw this in my feedback:

    I can’t see your website!
    United Kingdom
    Internet Explorer
    Agent String: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.0; Windows NT 2.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)

    I’d be able to analyze the data and suggest this user upgrade their operating system and browser software. Plus, I’d also suggest removing the NET CLR spyware — a quite malicious one at that by the way.

    Do you like? Can you add this to your next upgrade?

    Once again, great job Michel.

    Markus Allen

  14. michel Says:

    Hi Markus,

    Thanks for your comment.

    You can try new version with IP, Geo info and browser parameters included.
    Download the new pack with the same link

    I hope this helps.


  15. » Ask Database Says:

    […] For the “Ask A Question” form, you can get a free script right here. As I said, this is great to bulk up the content section of a website. I use both “Ask A Question” and “Submit A Topic” on one of my websites. It’s essentially the same thing, but it really bulks my site up well. […]

  16. Fer Says:

    Hy Michel,

    I really appreciate your code of feedback form that I have installed in a webpage that I am going to lunch.

    I have copied the code and pasted inside this page

    I followed the instruccions of the config.php
    then upload everything but
    pasted the code of the template.form.html into this page

    and changed the form action to

    It works pretty well I have tested but I have two questions Please :

    1.- How do I fix the error message in red I have over the message box ?

    2.- How do I make invisible the {FIRST_NAME} - {LAST_NAME} - {EMAIL}
    tags that appear in the field Name - Last Name and email ?

    Hope I didnot made a terrible mistake!

    Thank you in advance

    Fernanda Estrada

  17. michel Says:

    Hi Fernanda,

    1) Remove the {ERROR} tag from the code you’ve copied into your page.

    2) Also remove the {FIRST_NAME} - {LAST_NAME} - {EMAIL} tags from the <input > fields.

    This should help.


  18. rugbyplayer9 Says:

    Hi, is there a reason the file attached is limited to 1MB? Was hoping to raise this to more like 3-5MB


  19. rugbyplayer9 Says:

    Is it possible to send attatchments of over 1MB?

  20. michel Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Yes, it’s possible to send attachments of over 1MB.
    There isn’t an attachment size limitation in the form-script itself.
    However there is a size-limit in the PHP-settings for your hosting.
    Generally the limit for a shared hosting is set to 2MB.
    If you need more, you have to adjust your PHP-settings.


  21. PapaBurgundy Says:

    Hi Michel,

    I sometimes have people that wish to submit more than one file at a time (at most 3), and I don’t want them to have them have to resubmit the form for each file. Would it be a simple process to add 2 more of the file attachment controls? I’m very new to PHP, so I’m not sure how I’d go about doing this. Thanks.

    Ps. Great site and exceptional help.

  22. skkor Says:

    Hi Michel

    I’m trying to use my form (order.html) with yr feedback.php … I’ve follow all yr instructions above.. except below:

    Then include the form-page like you’ve included the footer:
    $FOOTER_FILE = “footer.html”;
    $FORM_FILE = “form.html”;

    // show the FORM
    // show the Footer

    Which file I’m supposed to include abv command? feedback.php or config.php?

    This is the form i’m working on:

    tks in advance…


  23. roween Says:

    I am using this script , but I cant recieve any email into my support mail. When I submit the form, it says that the comments successfully submitted, but I cant recive any email.

    if anyone knows, Please help me i need it urgently

  24. jsarge007 Says:

    Hey Michel,

    Great site. I certainly got more than I asked for when I Googled “oto scripts”.

    I just downloaded your script on Feedback Forms with attatchments. I quickly set up a test page and everything works great.

    Thanks a bunch,

  25. maffysdad Says:

    Hey Michel,

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for creating the feedback form with very clear instructions & for allowing us less intelligent web creators to benefit from your skill in our own sites.

    I understand the very basics of programming (I started out with BASIC on an old Acorn BBC, then Spectrum & finally RISC-OS). And whilst programming is now a little ahead of me, it’s still basically on/off, yes/no, if/then kinda switches. I can therefore understand the basics of php programming when I’m looking at it as I did after studying your feedback form, as such decided I wanted to add a little extra to the feedback thankyou form, I wanted to show the submitter the email address they entered & their IP. (I was also going to include the location, but decided such visible information may scare some people), though have to say, the way you did that bit of programming is VERY impressive!…

    Anyway in the thankyou form, the “{EMAIL}” and “{FIRST_NAME}” were easy as they were already there, but when I entered “{IP}” nothing… Anyway, I discovered how to solve the problem, turns out (as you’ll know), you have to in a way, re-create the “{IP}” variable in the feedback.php form.

    I’m sure many people will consider my comments as those of a simpleton, but I’m just beginning to understand the fact that php is server side, whilst html is world wide web side.

    Thank you ever so much for providing this feedback form, it worked straight outta the box so to speak, it’s simply brilliant… I’ll be passing on what I’ve learnt from this experiance to my son who wants to be a programmer when he grows up, he’s already get me to buy him his own domain name & get him some hosting space!…

    Thanks again,

  26. michel Says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your comment.

    You can add the {IP} tag into your thank-you page.
    Then you’ll need to insert one line into the feedback.php script:

    $tmpl = new Template();
    $tmpl->set_file("template.form", $thankyou? "template.thankyou.html"
    : "template.form.html");
    $tmpl->set_var ("FIRST_NAME", $first_name);
    $tmpl->set_var ("LAST_NAME", $last_name);
    $tmpl->set_var ("EMAIL", $email);
    $tmpl->set_var ("SITENAME", $site_name);
    $tmpl->set_var ("SCRIPT_URL", getenv("SCRIPT_NAME"));
    $tmpl->set_var ("IP", getenv("REMOTE_ADDR"));
    $tmpl->set_var ("ERROR", $error);
    $tmpl->pparse ("form", "template.form");

    Hope this helps.

  27. maffysdad Says:

    Many thanks for the reply.

    You see, you managed to explain that so simply compared to the trip around the world method I tried to explain it… Just brilliant!…

    Kind Regards,

  28. funkidan Says:

    Hi, Great Code, and thanks,

    Two Questions Can i add to Attachment Fields?

    and secondly for the love of money i cant remember how i Changed the permissions of the tmp folder ( 2 ) to 777. (CHMOD 0777 tmp), ive uploaded all required files, and changed everything,

    but i run the feed back form the email is sent succesfully as i checked the email but at the top of the thank you page i get the following:

    Warning: move_uploaded_file(tmp/dancaw.16.jpg) [function.move-uploaded-file]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/whiteli/public_html/feedback.php on line 78

    Warning: move_uploaded_file() [function.move-uploaded-file]: Unable to move ‘/tmp/phpWrrjbp’ to ‘tmp/dancaw.16.jpg’ in /home/whiteli/public_html/feedback.php on line 78

    Warning: chmod() [function.chmod]: No such file or directory in /home/whiteli/public_html/feedback.php on line 79

    Warning: file_get_contents(tmp/dancaw.16.jpg) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/whiteli/public_html/feedback.php on line 80

  29. gdalgity Says:

    Hi Michel,

    Thanks for the code and hope you will bear with me on my questions below (new to php, very novice).

    I have followed your instructions apart from “6) Change the permissions of the tmp folder ( 2 ) to 777. (CHMOD 0777 tmp)” how do you do it?

    I tried running the script but I didnt get any email with the form details. The thank you form did not run as well after the submit stopped processing.

    What am I doing wrong?


  30. michel Says:

    Hi Grace,

    If you upload files via FTP with a FTP-client program,
    this program should allow you to change permissions of the files.
    You either enter the command chmod 777 tmp in
    the program’ command line.
    Or find such option in the program’ menu.
    If you use a Control panel to upload your files, the panel
    should have a feature to change permissions as well.

    Concerning your problem.
    At the first, send a test message without any attachment.
    If you still not get an email, the problem is not in the tmp folder.
    As it’s used for attachments only.


  31. shaggy Says:


    Is it possible to add more fields to this script? I know my way around PHP for the most part and wanted to add 3 more fields, along with an option to upload 2 attachments instead of 1.

    Is it possible to do that and how should I go about it?


  32. majidalaydeross Says:

    Hey Michel,

    this form has really helped me out since I couldn’t find a php form enabling attachments with such clear instructions..

    Want to thank you a lot for sharing..

    A quick question if you have time to answer..
    Is there a way to enable attaching more than one file? I know how to do it in the html + adding a input name to it

    but clueless on what to do in the php file to attach it :S

    appreciate any help.

    Thanks a bunch in anyway for the form :)

  33. michel Says:

    Hi guys,

    It seems the multiply attachments become popular.
    So. In order to answer on all questions by one hit,
    I will create a new version of this script at this week.
    The new version would allow to have a multiply attachments form.


  34. majidalaydeross Says:

    Wow that sounds great!!
    Seriously, can’t thank you enough. I’ve just done customizing the code to my page. Even changed the last name filed to a numberical field for phone numbers. Only problem I stumbled upon was getting the sender’s name to be written in Arabic. It keeps sending me blanks, english works fine.
    Tried changing the charset on the html, didn’t work..

    If nothing across your mind don’t bother me, I’ll keep googling it up.. Appreciate your help Michel.

  35. michel Says:

    Hi guys,

    The new “multi-files attachment” feedback form is available with the same link
    Now you can use any number of attached files.
    The default form-page template allows to add a new file-field dynamically.

    Also you can insert additional text fields into your form and use the names of these fields (as uppercase tags) in the message without adjusting the script.
    For example, you can add a field like this:
    Your Phone: <input name="phone" type="text">
    Then use the phone name in uppercase inside your message:
    Phone number: [PHONE]

    Please note, the template and config files were renamed as

    The GeoIP function is disabled by default.


  36. turmex Says:

    hi Michael… I downloaded your awesome script today and it works perfectly if i dont put any attachments but it doesnt seem to send the email when i put the attachment eventhough the chmod of my tmp file is 777. i tried to send an email with a jpg attached several times and just to make sure i checked the tmp file
    but it is empty.

  37. michel Says:

    Hi turmex,

    The latest version of Feedback form doesn’t use the tmp folder at all.
    It opens files from the server’s temp-folder directly.
    Please make sure the PHP on your server allows to upload files and open files from the /tmp folder.


  38. kwlee Says:


    Thank you for sharing your scripts. I have been searching high and low for this solution and it would be really sweet if I can get it running. I have this problem running this script - it keep prompting this error message: Please enter your Real Email address - and yes, I’ve entered a real email address. Any idea?

  39. michel Says:

    Hi Kwlee,

    How your email address looks like?

    The script checks the email format,
    so you can’t just type something similar test@test


  40. kwlee Says:


    I’ve tried with various email addresses:, etc. But always return the same error message. What have I done wrong? Appreciate your work here.

  41. efacade Says:


    I need a form for a UTF-8 encoded page in Russian.
    The installed form works, but does not return user’s name entered in Russian.
    I there a way around?


  42. michel Says:

    Hi Efacade,

    Please download a new version (with the same link).
    It supports Charset in email messages.

    You need to enter the correct charset inside the feedback.config.php:
    $charset = "windows-1251";
    $charset = "utf-8";

    This should be the same as you have in the “Content-Type” META tag of your pages:
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type"
    content="text/html; charset=utf-8">


  43. aaron_ern Says:

    Hi Michel,

    Your form seems to add the backlash if my form contains value such as ‘
    I know its for protection from people trying to do mysql injection and etc stuffs..

    but I have just created a hidden field in the html template.
    and I want this hidden data to bypass all that strip tags and preg match stuffs.

    So where exactly do I add that line of code ?
    its looks something like $fields[’hidden2′] = $hidden2;


  44. michel Says:

    Hello Aaron,

    If you’re using the latest verison of the form-script, you don’t need any changes inside the script for your hidden field.

    When you add a hidden field into your html-form like
    <input type="hidden" name="hidden2" value="rock'n'roll">
    You just need to add [HIDDEN2] tag into your message template. The script will find your hidden field, strip any tags and backslashes and insert the value into the message.

    But if you really want to add your hidden field processing into the script, insert a code like below after the line
    $email = trim(stripslashes($_POST['email']));
    (with stripping backslashes only)
    if (isset($_POST["hidden2"])) {
        = stripslashes($_POST["hidden2"]);

    (OR with stripping backslashes and html-tags)
    if (isset($_POST["hidden2"])) {
      $fields["hidden2"] =

    Hope this helps.

  45. spottedme Says:

    Hello Michel,

    Being very new to PHP, my question will probably seem rather silly to you…

    I have uploaded all files made changes as directed. After sending the form both with and without attachments, I do not receive email and do not get redirected to the thank you page.

    I am redirected to my sites error page and the address bar is showing:{SCRIPT_URL}

    Could you possibly help?
    Thank you.

  46. spottedme Says:

    Is there a way to change the code on the email to have it sent in HTML.
    I would like to be able to format the email with size of font as well as color of certain fields so that when the user receives the email confirmation certain parts stand out.

  47. michel Says:

    Hi G,

    This script was designed to send simple Plain-text notifications.
    You can’t use HTML messages without a modificaion of the script.


  48. spottedme Says:

    Thank you Michel!

    I am encountering problems with the form, rejecting my email address.
    Funny thing is I tested the form over 60 times with Fire Fox, it worked fine.

    Then I tested in IE and it would not accept the fact that I had selected an option in a drop down box… my pop up message… please select an option for xxxxx question comes us…

    I changed the drop down box to a plain text box answer, and now my email gets rejected in both IE and Fire Fox…

    The email I am using is a valid email address, it is actually the one I email to you from yesterday (or the day before perhaps)…

    Any fix for this?

    Thanks so much for all your time and efforts in sharing your code and any fixes!!


  49. das40 Says:

    I use Yahoo Sitebuilder and I’m having trouble getting this to work. There is no permissions section in my tmp folder. Unless you mean the tmp folder that comes with your zip file?

    Also files in your zip file are slightly different in the images above which have slightly confused me.

    Can you please help me install this by giving me more details?

    I have to admit though I am very pleased with the look and feel of the feedback form including the “add more files” feature.

  50. das40 Says:

    PS I noticed these differences. Which may have been mentioned in the long line of posts in this forum so Im sorry if I didn’t bother to read. But there is NO tmp folder in the zip file and there are 2 php versions of the form (though I’m guessing the one with config in the name is the one I want?

  51. das40 Says:

    PSS Sorry for the 3rd post. I had installed it correctly but it took a while for the Yahoo host to run it. It is working now but for some reason some of the posts aren’t being sent to my inbox while others are.

  52. michel Says:

    Hi David,

    1) the latest version on the script doesn’t use the tmp folder.
    This is why you can’t find it in the .zip

    2) the feedback.php is the main script-file,
    the feedback.config.php contains the configuration variables.
    You need to edit the feedback.config.php with your own data.

    3) You need to make sure your Yahoo hosting account supports PHP-script,
    and learn the max file size you’re allowed to upload via a web-form.

    What the difference between the posts you’re receiving to your inbox and others that don’t arrive it?
    - Has an attachment or not;
    - Number of attached files;
    - Max size of an attached file;
    - Total size of all files.

    4) Does your hosting account allow email relays?
    Lets suppose you enter your email address in your form, the script sends an email behalf from this entered address. But when you enter some foreign email address, your server could block the email as a relay.


  53. theResult Says:

    Hey Michel,

    Your form seems to be amazing….I say seems because I’m getting the same error that spottedme was getting a while back…{SCRIPT_URL}

    Is there anyway, you or anyone can assist me on this.

    PS: All files have been uploaded to the same directory, the config file has been modified as per instructions, etc. I have no clue what i’m doing wrong, please help, i need this form to be working asap.

  54. jayesh Says:


    i have two query in this code.

    1) when i surf the page of “feedback.form.html that time i found {ERROR} write above on Name Block.
    Your First Name:[ ]

    2) i not found the store file at serverside so guide me where it’s store.

    3) i receive the email but without attachment.


  55. michel Says:

    Hi Jayesh,

    1) You shouldn’t open the feedback.form.html file directly, as it’s a template. It should be used by the feedback.php script that shows real value of the template variables like {ERROR}. This word won’t appear on the page when you open the feedback.php instead of the feedback.form.html.

    2) The script doesn’t save the uploaded files at serverside. It just includes the files as attachments. The server then removes the files itself.

    3) You need to be sure your server (and PHP) really allows to upload files.


  56. justinmang Says:

    Hi Michel-

    Great site you have here! Quick question:

    How do I go about adding new fields? Say one for a phone number and having the form add in the email whether the user checked a checkbox or not?


  57. michel Says:

    Hi Justin,

    Please read my comment from March 23rd, 2009 above.
    It describes how to add a new field.

    You can add a field like this in your form-page:
    Your Phone: <input name="phone" type="text">

    Then use the “phone”-name in uppercase inside your message in the feedback.config.php:
    Phone number: [PHONE]

    Hope this helps.

  58. BenIPAQ Says:

    Hi Michel,

    First of all; thank you very much for this beautiful piece of code!

    I have a question. Is it possible to change the “$support_email”-value to a value I prefilled in a hidden formfield? I my case that prefilled value is a variable emailaddress.

    Kind regards,

  59. michel Says:

    Hello Benjamin,

    Thanks for your question.

    Is it possible to change the “$support_email”-value to a value I prefilled in a hidden formfield?

    If you’d like to use a hidden field with a email address to send the message to…
    I think this is not a good idea.
    This would open a huge security gap that allows someone to send their messages to any email address they want. You even will not know about this.


  60. jp4jeff Says:

    Hello Michel,
    Your feedback_form works very nice and easy to personalize it. I added two dropdowns, the first w/ a hard list of values, and the second based on an array that is dependent on Dropdown1. Now when I send a message/feedback, the only dropdown value that is sent is from Dropdown1. Do I have to do any thing special to assign/pass Dropdown2 value in the message/feedback.

    Jeff Houser

  61. jp4jeff Says:

    Is it possible to use dropdown arrays in your feedback form? I was successful with your sample feedback form and standard inputs, but fails to push the submited values thru to the email when options are based on arrays. I must be doing something wrong.


  62. michel Says:

    Hello Jeff,

    the second (dropdowns) based on an array that is dependent on Dropdown1. Now when I send a message/feedback, the only dropdown value that is sent is from Dropdown1.

    1) Make sure your Dropdown2 has the name-attribute to send its data through the form.

    2) You need to add the appropriate tag for the Dropdown2’s name into the message inside the feedback.config.php.
    So if you have the Dropdown2 like <select name="dropdown2" >...,
    you need a tag like [DROPDOWN2] in your message.


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