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Do you have a lot of Ads and a tiny spot at your pages where you’d like to push them all?..
Are you forced to use a banner rotator or look for a similar solution? This tip is for you.

Show all your ads at the same time!

It’s not a script… It’s not even a trick…
It’s a pure HTML.


The <marquee>...</marquee> HTML-element creates a scrolling text marquee. This is all we need.
We’ll use 4 main parameters of the element:
* BEHAVIOR     - sets how the text scrolls in the marquee,
* DIRECTION    - sets the direction in which the text should scroll,
* SCROLLDELAY  - sets the speed of the marquee scroll,
* SCROLLAMOUNT - sets the number of pixels the text scrolls between each subsequent drawing of the marquee.

<marquee BEHAVIOR="scroll" ... > specifies one of the following values:
 scroll  Default. Marquee scrolls in the direction specified by the DIRECTION parameter. The text scrolls off the end and starts over.
 alternate  Marquee scroll direction reverses when its content reaches the edge of the container.
 slide  Marquee scrolls in the direction specified by the DIRECTION parameter. The text scrolls to the end and stops.
<marquee DIRECTION="up" ... > specifies one of the following values:
 left  Default. Marquee scrolls left.
 right  Marquee scrolls right.
 down  Marquee scrolls down.
 up  Marquee scrolls up.
<marquee SCROLLDELAY="60" ... > specifies the delay, in milliseconds.
  The parameter has a default value of 85.
<marquee SCROLLAMOUNT="1" ... > specifies the number of pixels.
  The parameter has a default value of 6.

Scroll your text Ads

You may have a continued text or several paragraphs with your ads scrolling up through a spot at your page.
Lets suppose you have a <DIV> with specified width and height:

<DIV width="120" height="100">
<marquee BEHAVIOR="scroll" DIRECTION="up"
        border:1px solid silver;padding:4px;">

    <b>Ad 1</b>
    <a href="url_1">link 1</a>
    Advertising text 1.

    <b>Ad 2</b>
    <a href="url_2">link 2</a>
    Advertising text 2.

    <b>Ad 3</b>
    <a href="url_3">link 3</a>
    Advertising text 3.

Ad 1
link 1
Advertising text 1.

Ad 2
link 2
Advertising text 2.

Ad 3
link 3
Advertising text 3.

Rotate your banner images

Do you have banner images with equal sizes? Great!
You can rotate them without any script.

Set the SCROLLAMOUNT parameter of your marquee to your images height and the SCROLLDELAY parameter to 1000 for a second (1000 milisecinds).
Look at this:

<DIV width="60" height="62">
<marquee BEHAVIOR="scroll" DIRECTION="up"
        <img width="60" height="62" src="url_1" />
        <img width="60" height="62" src="url_2" />
        <img width="60" height="62" src="url_3" />

Stop scrolling

When you scroll ads with links it would be nice to stop scrolling to let the user clicks the link.
The marquee allows you to do this too.

I promised there wouldn’t be a script… I were cunning ;-)
You’ll need a small script.

Use the onmouseover attribute to trigger the stop() method and the onmouseout attribute to trigger the start() method to scroll the text again after the user takes his mouse away.

This sample is for horizontal scroll.

<marquee BEHAVIOR="alternate" DIRECTION="left"
    onmouseover="this.stop()" onmouseout="this.start()">
    <b>Touch this text with mouse to stop it</b>

Touch this text with mouse to stop it


by Michel Komarov, © Copyright 2006.


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4 Responses to “Scrolling AdBlocks”

  1. paulinet Says:

    I’m having a problem with having 2 or more javascripts on a webpage. Is there away around this?

  2. michel Says:

    Hi Paulinet,

    Please let me know the URL of your page where you get a problem.

  3. successvirus Says:

    we use it now at to embedd fake google ads that scroll… however we noticed that sometimes when you load the page some of the scrolling windows are empy. It might have to do that the scrolling code gets repeated after every blog post in wordpress. Any Ideas how to avoid that?

  4. michel Says:

    You’re using nested tables to create an ads block like below:
    <table bgcolor="#336699" height="90" width="728">
    <tr><td valign="top">
      <table height="76" width="100%">
      <td bgcolor="#ffffff">...ADS...</td>
      <td bgcolor="#ffffff">...ADS...</td>
      <table bgcolor="#336699" width="100%">
      <tr><td>Ads By Moritz</td></tr>

    Try to combine the ads block into ONE table like below:
    <table bgcolor="#336699" height="90" width="728">
    <td bgcolor="#ffffff">...ADS...</td>
    <td bgcolor="#ffffff">...ADS...</td>
    <tr><td bgcolor="#336699"><font color="white">Ads By Moritz</font></td></tr>

    Hope this helps.


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